Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorsed the Literacy for All Programme with these words:

This wonderful material offers a new start for our hard-pressed teachers and educational system. It restores the worth and dignity of every South African mother-tongue. Above all it makes the teaching and learning of reading and writing a fun-filled adventure leading on to educational success. It is a national treasure.

I appeal to you to help make a great and lasting gift of love for the healing of our land, help create a future for God’s children.

Support Literacy for All. It is an effective, practical way to overcome our sad and divided past.

From the professionals:

Accessibility includes high interest level, context related stories, attractive pictures, and of course opportunities to read in home language … these books offer all this and more. — Education specialist

Thumeka, our Xhosa teacher, has noted with pride and appreciation how well her lessons are going, and the feedback from the pupils is so positive. — Principal

The Readers are characterised by engaging stories and carefully graded text that is closely linked to the wonderful illustrations … give mother tongue early readers the necessary scaffolding for their first reading attempts. — Lecturer