The Literacy for All programme aims to put accessible and attractive, mother-tongue medium books into children’s hands, and provides teachers with training and support in their use. We believe that this will play a major role in turning around South African’s poor literacy and numeracy levels.

Developed by teachers and linguists to promote mother-tongue learning, the Literacy for All programme provides preparatory training and on-going support to teachers.

The Literacy for All Programme is a systematic, practical approach to the teaching of reading, using the Kagiso Reading Series.

The basic Literacy for All Programme consists of:

Teacher Training entitled “How to teach reading”.
This is done on site through two initial 2.5 hour sessions after school and two shorter follow up sessions.

Provision of materials
Participants are provided with:
* the Literacy for All Reader Series in Grade R,1, 2 and 3
* Workbooks for Grade 1
* Teachers Guides
* A plan of ideas for lessons based on the readers.

Where necessary, Literacy for All works to obtain financial assistance for schools unable to meet the full costs of the Readers.

Monitoring of progress
* Ongoing support of teachers